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Don’t Forget to Make Administrative Professionals Day Special

April 21st, 2014

Ellen on admin professionals dayYou can be forgiven if you don’t know that today marks the start of Administrative Professionals Week. What you won’t be forgiven for is doing nothing special on April 23rd, which is Administrative Professionals Day.

Whether or not your admin works only for you or handles an entire group, April 23rd is the one time of the year you absolutely, positively don’t want to forget to say “Thank you.” Read the rest of this entry »

Some Last Minute Ideas For Employee Appreciation Day

March 7th, 2014

You didn’t forget again, did you? Forget that today is Employee Appreciation Day?

It comes around every year, and even though every HR professional will tell you showing appreciation should not be a once-a-year thing, woe to the boss who ignores the opportunity today to say thank you.

Companies that think ahead, hold some sort of party. The most common are pizza parties, hosted lunches, ice cream socials, and similar activities held on premises. Another common means of showing appreciation is gift cards. For the tardy, a Starbucks is just around the corner and it takes minutes to get a coffee card for each team member. Gas and grocery cards are a better choice, but you’ll need to pony up a little more. Read the rest of this entry »

Thank The Support Staff. It’s Administrative Professionals Day

April 25th, 2012

Attention bosses: Today is Administrative Professionals Day. Do we have to spell out what that means?

It means today is the day that bosses — and office workers supported by an admin — say thank you to the hard working administrative assistants, clerks, receptionists, support staff, and other administrative professionals for the countless tasks they handle day in and day out. Read the rest of this entry »